December Christmas Exhibition

featuring a selection from the ‘Jungle Circuit’ watercolour series

13 watercolour on paper 10x15cm raw oak frame with museum glass $300. each

  on now at The Elephant Bean Cafe, Katoomba Street Katoomba until early January

The ‘Jungle Circuit’ watercolour suite was inspired by my temperate rainforest wilderness walks below the towering sandstone cliffs of Govett’s Leap and other upper Blue Mountain gorges of Nellies Glen, Bonnie Doon Falls, Fern Bower and Devil’s Hole.

Descending through the dappled sunlit canopy of lush green coachwood and sassafras,

 this is a dreamlike landscape of primeval beauty.

The mid-storey a tangle of lawyer vines and king ferns 

The forest floor littered with mossy boulders, 

rusted leaf litter and cascading mountain streams

create a cool shaded Eden.

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